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Gowerton Patient

I’ve recently had a new upper denture provided by Gowerton Dental. I regard this detail plate as a masterpiece of modern dental technology. My tribute is mainly to Sara, who took so much trouble through the initial impression work.  The plate can only be as good as the initial impression. I’ve also had treatment from the […]

Gail Cole

Wonderful staff, pristine surgery and fantastic service. These are only a few words that I could use for Gowerton Dental Practice. Sara and her staff have enabled me to become more confident and happy in myself. Her work is amazing and I can finally get on and enjoy life without being conscious of my smile. […]

H. Kerith Williams

We have been patients at Gowerton Dental Practice for several years. Our experience from the beginning was excellent. We were firstly struck by the calm professionalism of the team of receptionists, which was very reassuring, putting people at their ease, even for those of us who found a visit to the dentist as traumatic. The […]

Katie Mellish

I have had a brace and had to have appointments every fortnight for this, and Daf and his colleagues have been so accommodating during this, arranging suitable times for me to fit around my work schedule. Each appointment has always been on time to take into account me needing to get back to work within a […]

Andrew Lamnea

Anyone can be worried about going to the dentist, including myself, what’s it like, what treatment will I get and what are my options, how much will it cost? All these thoughts were typical. I have been with the new team at Gowerton Dental practice for the last five years. It’s a bright and modern […]

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